Attitude is everything

Over the past few months, I have been struggling with this stupid shoulder problem that keeps bothering me and forces me to slow down and to take way more rest than I actually want to take. Before Crossfit I would have thought.. ah well.. a little extra rest is perfect. Now I think ##@^$^$#^#@$ like 40 times a day. I want to change that mindset, so I thought writing about it could help.

The thing is, no matter how frustrated I get, it will not solve the problem. It might even make it worse, because with frustration you make your body and your muscles tense. Is there something I can change about it? No.. no more then seeing several specialist, hoping for the best every time. Having negative thoughts about it a million times a day just makes me sad all day and that’s not what I want. And then I am thinking about all these people with serious injuries. People who are missing a leg or an arm. I have seen several videos of people like that, killing it in the gym. Giving their all, giving a 100%, every single time. Those people might be really strong physically, but they are even stronger mentally. They accept the situation, deal with it, and find their own way to crush their dreams. To chase their goals, to reach something they never thought would be possible. I really admire that. When I look at videos like that, I feel like such a pussy. I mean, come on, there is nothing seriously wrong with my body, just some stupid nerve that gets stuck. I have been to the chiropractor again today and If I really take rest, it should be fine in a couple of days. And then I have to start slow again, to built it up.. and I am fine.

Mindset is such an important thing. Not just within the CrossFit world, but in your entire life. It is easy to complain about things, but it doesn’t make you happy. Well at least, it doesn’t make me happy. Focussing on things that I don’t have and things that I can’t do is a complete waste of time. It brings me nowhere. If I complain about the weather a 100 times a day, it doesn’t become sunny all of a sudden. Sometimes I speak with people who are so positive about everything. Who even see a lesson in every situation of pain, or fear, making them stronger every single time. Who live every second. I want to be like that. Lose the focus on the bad, and get the focus on the good. How hard can it be? I truly believe that things like that make life so much easier and so much more fun. It gives more meaning to things.. it will reach your heart and soul. And as long as it is about things that you can’t change, complaining about it is just bullshit. It is about accepting and finding something good in that situation or just move on… attitude is everything!

Like this man. I absolutely respect this man in every single way. And this makes me cry every single time I watch it. So please watch it.. and be inspired!


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