Things I would bake if I wouldn’t be lazy

So.. there is this girl who drools when opening Instagram and seeing all these delicious recipes. The most beautiful breakfast pictures, amazing cakes, colourful salads.. This girl eats the same breakfast every day, screws up the most simple cheesecake and would love to eat quark for dinner every day. I mean, she has goals and everything, but she is just not willing to spend half of her life in the kitchen. That girl would be me.

Instead of making all these things myself, I will just share them with you and hopefully someone will make this for me. No, just kidding. I mean, I will just look at the pictures and imagine what it will taste like. That is pretty much the same as eating it right? And it safes money and calories, so who is complaining anyway? Here we go..

1.Brownies..they are my favorite. I love brownies, but the ones you buy aren’t usually very healthy and the healthy ones take time to bake. So if I wouldn’t be as lazy, I would bake these. Go bake these, I bet they are awesome!


2. Smoothies can be so amazingly pretty! Somehow my smoothies always turn out either green or this weird brownish color that looks awful. Anyway, no where near as pretty as smoothies like this. But this takes time, you have to put effort into putting it all nicely in a jar. I don’t have the patience for that. But if I would have, I would make something like this.


3. Don’t these salads in a jar look amazing? So colourful, makes me happy just to look at it. And looking at it will be end of this story, because A: i don’t have a jar and B: I am too lazy to  buy a jar. But if you are not, I would suggest trying this out.


4. This is one of my favorite ‘i would totally bake this if I weren’t lazy’ recipes. I mean, just look at it. Foodporn all the way. And you know what? I could be able to pull these off, but I can’t deal with stuff like this. All the ingredients are healthy, but they still contain a lot of calories. I could not bake these and only eat 1. What kind of human being is able to just eat 1 of these things?! I would eat them all, feel quilty afterwards and promise myself to never make them again. In order to avoid that situation, I will not make these to begin with. But if you can control yourself, hurry up and make these!


5. Hell yeah, carrot cake for the win!! Soooooo good! And pretty easy to make. I think.. I have never tried it because you need all this stuff and time and you will have to clean everything afterwards. But I bet they are worth it?


6. Here I am, being all happy that I finally succeeded in making the simplest healthy cheesecake, and then I see this on the internet. I mean, really?! Come on, don’t make me feel like a complete idiot. This looks so beautiful and soooo good, but I know for sure it will not when I try to make it. So i don’t even try. Know your weaknesses..right?


7. So when I wake up, I really put in effort to heat up some almond milk to mix with my Brinta or oats. It takes time you know, putting the almond milk in the pan and putting it in a bowl when warm. And then there are breakfasts like these, straight up healthy goodness. I checked out the list of ingredients.. too long. I will just stick with my super easy breakfast.


8. This recipe has been on my ‘to try’ list for a long time, but I am scared. I mean, I really hate the taste of cauliflower and it would be such a waste of time if I would make this and the taste sucks. I hear all these amazing stories about this pizza, but still.. I don’t know. Have you tried it?


9. And last but not least.. clean granola bars. Drooling all the way… If only..


Okay so writing this has made me REALLY hungry. I think I am going to try out one of these recipes. No, just kidding.. I am going to eat something easy, like a cracker with low fat cheese and avocado, or quark with apple and Walden Farms syrup. But if I were you, I would rush to the supermarket, dive into the kitchen and make one of these amazing recipes. Enjoy!


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