Product Review: RX Smart Gear Jump Rope

Again something about Double Unders?! Yes.. because I know I am not the only one struggling with this part of CrossFit. There are so many tutorials, technique explanations, tips and tricks etc… and still.. it is hard!

At first I was just practicing with the speed rope from the box. There are a few people in the box who already owned a RX Smart Gear rope and at first I was like ‘no.. i need to be able to do it with ANY rope’. But after hitting myself so many times over and over again and not being able to do multiple double unders, I asked somebody with the RX rope if I could try it out. It was a but unusual at first, because it heavier than the speed rope I was ‘used’ to, but it felt quite comfortable from the beginning.

After trying it out several times, I was convinced… I needed to heave one for myself! So I ordered one. You can choose between many different colours ropes and handles. I chose the pink handles and the silver rope to match my Metcons. Because you know.. I am still a girl. I want things to match 😉 You can chose between different weights and lengths of the rope, so the rope fits you perfectly. I chose a somewhat longer rope, because my hands still go to the side so for me it is easier with a rope that is a bit longer.


I have to admit. I was expecting magic. I was expecting the rope to do all the hard work, but instead I still struggled in the beginning. I really had to get used to this rope, because it is thicker and heavier than the speed rope I was used to. After a lot of practice, I have finally found my Double Unders ‘feel’. This rope really helps me, because the turns are easier to make with your wrist and because the rope is thicker, you really hear the contact with the floor which helps you with your timing. The handles have a great grip and are super comfy, so you can relax your hands. I am extremely happy with this rope!

Do you want to try out the RX Smart Gear Jump Rope? You can order one here!



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