Double unders… are we suddenly becoming friends?!

Whooooo, I am soooo happy, because today I rocked my Double Unders!!! For the first time ever, I didn’t struggle after a first set. Instead of constantly whipping myself in the face, I decided when I wanted to stop and take a little break. Usually the rope makes that decision for me. Or well.. not the rope, but my inability to control that thing.

Really.. not so long ago, I thought I would never get them. Like.. never! I was practicing, reading all about it on the internet, watching Youtube videos, practice, more practice. But still.. I could manage 1 set of 40, but after that it was done. It was 5 or 6 reps, sometimes 1, sometimes 8. Soooo frustrating. And once you get frustrated you can forget all about it because it will for sure not work anymore then.

So, what do I do different now? I will share the things that really helped me, maybe it will help you too!

  1. Jump slow! I used to jump my singles super fast. When your pace is that high when doing singles, you automatically start your doubles with a high pace, which makes it super hard if you are not in full control of the rope yet. So slowing down my singles in a pace where I would be able to do the doubles really helped me.
  2. Focus, focus and focus. Before I start my doubles I take a deep breath and I really focus on 1 point forwards. It might look weird, like a robot, but it helps me to keep rhythm.
  3. Don’t get frustrated. When it doesn’t work, just relax. Take a break, give your muscles some rest, bring your heart rate down and start again. Don’t worry if you struggle, you will get it eventually. Even I did..
  4. Break them up in pieces. Try 1 double, 3 singles, 1 double, 2 singles, 1 double, 1 single, 2 doubles, 1 single, 3 doubles, 1 single etc. Make sure you keep the same rhythm and relax after the double. I see many people jump really aggressive and high, but that makes it soooo hard. Keep calm, and try to bounce on the ball of your feet, rather than jumping.
  5. Keep your body straights and your arms next to your body. This was and is the hardest part for me, because I used to end up with my arms really far apart from my body. That shortens your rope and will cause those nice marks on your body. Try to focus on hitting the ground with your rope, then you know that your arms are still in the rights position. If you don’t hear the rope anymore, bring your arms closer to your body again.

So.. these things really helped me with my double unders. Hopefully it wasn’t just my lucky day and I will suck again tomorrow. We will see how things go haha 😀

Maybe these badass tights from Northern Spirit are just my lucky tights 😉


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