Always listen to your body

When you workout very often, you put a lot of pressure on your body. Especially when you are a bit crazy like me and you decide that it is a good thing to train a lot and to rest.. uh.. what is rest? I have this thing where I get over-excited if I really like something. I have a ‘0 or 100%’ kind of living. I either love it and give everything, or I hate it and give nothing. There is not really something in between those two.

Since I love CrossFit, I give a 100%. Or at least I try, every single day. Training for 10 hours a week and having 1 restday was too much. I could have known that, because I already felt some sore things in my body but I didn’t listen. I just kept going, lifting more and heavier until my body said ‘no more’. My shoulder started to hurt so bad, that I had to stop doing things overhead. I decided to go for physiotherapy to fix everything quick. Dry needling and manual therapy helped me and I took some rest, but not enough. As soon as my shoulder felt ‘okay’, I just started again. And now 3,5 weeks have passed and I still have the same problem, despite of several sessions of physiotherapy.

Today I woke up feeling sore, but still went to the box. I wrote this thing about Crossfit as a form of therapy and I really need that form of therapy right now. Now more than ever. But well.. during the warming up I could already feel that things weren’t okay and I started thinking. I decided not to do this workout with kettle bell swings and pull ups. I felt beaten by my own body. My mind really wanted to workout, but my body said ‘No’. And I decided to listen for a change, instead of saying ‘ah well.. i will just fight through the pain and it will be fine’.

That moment, I just wanted to buy 9031351 kilo’s of chocolate, go home and cry in my bed. That sounds so lame, but I really hate giving up. And I know it is not giving up, but it feels like it. Luckily my coach thought of something else to do and to get rid of my frustration at the same time: tire flips. So there I went, flipping the tire around, feeling the anxiety leave my body with every flip. That was a great idea, and I didn’t have to use my shoulder. After the tire flips I also did weighted walking lunges and I immediately felt better. I have decided to take at least two days rest. Completely, so no secret squats or sneaky deadlifts. Just… nothing. Hopefully that will help so I can soon kick ass again! 😀 I think I have learned my lesson.. You only have one body, please take care of it! Don’t overtrain, take as much rest as needed, sleep enough and eat healthy. That’s the only way to keep your body happy under all the pressure..


Badass tights from Northern Spirit


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