Fuck it, i will just go!

This morning I woke up thinking.. hell no. I am not going to move any bodypart today or lift anything that looks like a barbell. i am just going to stay in bed for the rest of the day and do absolutely nothing. So I closed my eyes again, turned around and felt really comfortable staying in bed. For a minute or two…

Then my addiction started to kick in. You know the feeling when you don’t want to go to a party but you will go anyway afraid that otherwise you will miss something awesome? I had the exact same feeling about the workout today: 7 rounds for time of 10 deadlifts, 6 burpees over the bar and 1 minute plank hold. If it would have been a WOD with running and wall balls I would have stayed in bed (loser haha), but I really liked this WOD. So I opened my eyes again and decided to go anyway.

From that moment until the actual workout started, regrets were flying through my head like rockets. ‘But I am tired.. But I don’t feel so good. But I will not be able to go full speed anyway’. Yeah.. excuses all over the place. And then the workout started and I forget all these things. No, it wasn’t my best day, but I already knew that before I started. It was the best I could do today, so I was feeling happy afterwards. 12026712_875224239231763_2092140180_n

CrossFit to me is the best way to clear my head. To get all of the million thoughts just out of my head for a while. During a workout I don’t really think about other things beside the workout and that feeling is awesome. This is the first time in my life that this happens to me while working out. And that’s one of the reasons why I love it soooo much!


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