Skinny vs Healthy

Being healthy or skinny has become a number one item these days. Social media is a great inspiration and motivation for boys and girls around the world. When I open my Instagram account, I see healthy food, abs, workout pictures, muscles, toned bodies and I love it. There is just one little thing that keeps running through my mind.. Is it about getting skinny, of about being heathy?

Ofcourse that depends on your goals and everybody has different goals.. nothing new to that. But this If It Fits Your Macro’s thing leaves a question mark above my head every now and then. I see the most beautiful breakfast pictures, but also things I don’t really get. For instance, breakfast with oats and oreo cookies, because ‘they fit my macro’s’. What is the thought behind this? No jugdement, hell no, I am just questioning. I love the IIFYM ‘movement’ because it gives you the opportunity to develop a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life. I just don’t get the fact that people seem to choose ‘junkfood’ over healthy food because it fits their macro’s. It seems like sometimes it is fitting as much unhealthy stuff in your macro’s as possible. And then I wonder, is it about feeding your body with good food, to make it healthy and strong, or is it just about trying to get skinny while still eating unhealthy stuff?

And I am not talking about the occasional cheat meal, because I do the same. I try to squeeze a hamburger or a chocolate bar into my macro’s every now and then, but it is not a habit. It is not a habit to eat breakfast with cookies and chocolate, or lunch with yoghurt and marshmallows because it happens to fit my macro’s. It is not a habit to skip something healthy with many calories to replace it with unhealthy things with less calories. Yes, I am counting my calories, but I am trying to eat food that helps me reach my goals the healthy way. Food that is good for my body (besides diet coke en red bull light, sorry for that) that gives me energy and keeps me going without feeling hungry all day (which is impossible, because I am really always hungry). I am trying to get healthy, to be in the best shape that my body can be.

So I am curious..are you the occasional ‘oats with orea breakfast’ eater, or are you trying to eat as healthy as possible?


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