The story about Tony’s Chocolonely

You know that story about that girl that bought a bunch of Tony’s Chocolonely? Great! Because I don’t and that girl is not me :’) I got this whole thing planned out though.. After giving lessons, I was going to the little store ‘downtown’ (HAHA) that sells the limited edition Tony’s Chocolonely.  Super excited about this ‘event’ for days!

When I came home from the box to get myself dressed, I had second thoughts. I mean, I have these goals and things, is it really smart to buy two big bars of chocolate? I know I don’t have self control and I will eat them both, today. Or.. if I do have enough self control to just eat a piece, I would need self control for days before they were finally finished. Fitting it into my macro’s can be done (feels like complicated science), but that means I have to skip food that helps me with my training and with my goals, and that probably means I will be hungry again. I hate being hungry.. I am that kind of girl that really fits ‘I am sorry for what I said when I was hungry’. You know bridezilla.. I am hungry-zilla 2.0.. But for real. I mean.. I am not kidding!

So.. I decided not to go and not to buy them and that’s the smartest decision I have made in days. I am really curious about the new tastes though, but I guess I will just have to wait for another time. For now: Nicky-Tony’s Chocolonely: 1-0



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