Cheating on My FitnessPal

This might sound ridiculous, it probably also is ridiculous. I have a confession.. a dirty little secret that I am about to share with the world. Why? Because I wonder if I am the only one doing this. What am I talking about. Well… here it comes… Hold on: sometimes… I cheat on My Fitnesspal….

You know about My Fitnesspal? It is an app which makes you very conscious about what you eat all day. You fill in your food, the app fills in the calories and the macro’s, simple as that. This way you have a very clear view on what you eat and it really helps you achieve your goals:  whether that is losing or gaining weight.

I had to get used to it in the beginning, because putting my food on the scale was something I though I would never do. It is necessary though and it really opened my eyes. All this time I was thinking that I was doing a great job by eating all this healthy stuff like superfood, avocado’s and nuts. Little did I know that all this healthy food contained many calories which created a positive calorie balance at the end of the day. Which means… gaining weight. Yes, you can gain weight from healthy stuff too, I am living proof of that 😉 So in order to lose weight. I just had to eat less than my body needed to stay on that same weight. And that’s when I met My FitnessPal.

The thing is.. sometimes I know I ate something. I mean, it is not hard to know that I just ate something since I put it my mouth myself… but I didn’t fill it in on My Fitnesspal. I know that will give me red numbers at the end of the day, instead of the so wanted green ones… And if I don’t fill it in on My Fitnesspal, I doesn’t count, right? Nope.. I wish that was true.. It is the stupidest thing ever to do things like that, because I am not cheating on my FitnessPal, I am cheating on myself. This is my life, my goals, my journey. Why do things like that, it doesn’t make any sense it all and it surely doesn’t help with reaching my goals. So from now on, I will promise myself to no longer cheat on My Fitnesspal.. EVER!

But still.. out of curiosity.. Am i the only one doing this? Please say ‘no’…



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