Screw the scale

My fitness journey, like many fitness journeys, began with the scale. In a short amount of time, this thing became my biggest enemy and my closest friend. I was told not to step on the scale every single day. I didn’t listen. I stepped on it every damn day, and often even 3 or 4 times a day.

My first ‘scale-stepping’ started in the morning. But not before I went to the toilet, removed all my clothes and even took the rubber out of my hair first. That’s already unhealthy…The number the scale gave me, determined my entire mood, but never made me really happy. Because even if it did go down, it didn’t go down fast enough. So i stepped off the scale being frustrated that I didn’t loose enough weight yet, or being sad that I didn’t loose weight at all. Or worse, being devastated that I had gained weight. I mean.. how stupid is that?

For weeks and months I measured myself like that. My confidence was based on a stupid number on a stupid scale. Instead of really looking at my body, I just looked down at that number. That annoying number that never showed me what I wanted to see. But what did I want to see? Would it change my life if that scale all of a sudden showed my goal weight? Would that make me immensely happy? No, ofcourse not. Being happy and feeling confident doesn’t have anything to do with your weight.

The scale only gives you a number which tells you the relationship between you and gravity. It doesn’t say anything about your personality, about everything you have the world to offer, about your kindness, your energy, your strength, the way you handle things, how sweet you are… nothing. It doesn’t even tell you how many muscles you have. So practically, it doesn’t tell you anything that’s important to be happy.

Since I started CrossFit, I skipped the scale. I haven’t seen a scale in months. I have been thinking about it every now and then, but I always decide not to step on one. I know how it will make me feel, it will never satisfy me in any way. And technically, i don’t care how much I weigh. I would rather base my happiness on how I feel, on how much stronger I am getting. And that scale doesn’t tell me any of those things. So please, screw the scale, be happy with yourself and enjoy the journey to become the best version of you. Wether that is 64 kilos or 72 kilos, who cares?

The scale can only tell you what you weigh. Not who you are…

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