Why girls should CrossFit

So it is no surprise that i am into Crossfit, obviously. And I think all girls should Crossfit. You want to know why? I have a made a list with reasons why every girl should CrossFit.

  1. It is #badass
  2. You will get stronger and fitter in a short amount of time
  3. You will get to lose weight in a healthy and effective way while, at the same time, building up your muscle base and tone your body in a proper manner.


  4. It is sooo much fun, working out becomes something to look forward to, instead of something that ‘has to be done’
  5. It is addictive, which is great if you want to workout often to like what you see in the mirror
  6. Squats with another goal than #bootay are so much more fun
  7. You can set many goals, break many PR’s and challenge yourself every single day
  8. You will get more confidence, inside and outside the box
  9. Your posture will improve. No more hanging shoulders, but shoulders back
  10. You will feel the adrenaline rushing through your body the seconds before the workout starts. That feeling is beyond awesome
  11. If you train hard, you are allowed to eat more without gaining weight 😉
  12. You will stay motivated because the workout is different every day
  13. You will use the hours effectively. No more hanging around in the gym not knowing what to do at how much weight and how many reps. Your coach will guide you through the lesson, making sure you are giving your all
  14. You will go home feeling totally awesome about yourself, because you rocked it again
  15. Grocery shopping will be easy when you are strong enough to carry all the bags at once
  16. You will burn a massive amount of calories
  17. You will become more flexible and balanced
  18. After a great workout, you feel like you can conquer the world all by yourself
  19. You will really get to know your body and it’s strengths and weaknesses
  20. Weightlifting is awesome and improving your technique is the most fun challenge evermxH0yhPOa4o
  21. You will beat every single rope skippers with your double under skills
  22. Train together, stay together. How totally awesome would it be to do a workout together with your boyfriend
  23. You will become miss independent for sure. No more asking for help with opening jars or carrying heavy stuff
  24. If you might get into jail (please don’t), your rope climb skills will give you a great opportunity for a jail break
  25. And last but not least… you are allowed to wear any outfit combination you like. From pink with red, to green with yellow. It is CrossFit.. so you can 😉

So girls, what are you waiting for? Go hit the nearest box and be prepared for the best addiction EVER!

IMG_4359 copy


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