High fibre cheesecake fail part 2

In Holland we have a saying ‘Een ezel stoot zich in het algemeen, niet twee keer aan dezelfde steen’. When I ask google translate, this is what happens: ‘Once bitten in general, not twice in the same stone‘, which makes no sense at all.. But it means, that even a fool never makes the same mistake twice. And that’s were i make the exception. I wrote an article about the #vezelrijkekwarktaart (high fibre cheesecake that is) earlier (still need to translate it to English) were I explained the many fails I made during the making of this SIMPLE cheesecake. Apparently I have a talent for making even the simplest things extremely complicated. 

So, a friend of mine (I will not mention her name, maybe she feels embarrassed :’)) and I decided to make this  #vezelrijkekwarktaart. For those of you that don’t know about it..here is the recipe: http://jelmerdeboer.nl/vezelrijke-kwarktaart/ (in Dutch though) It is a healthy cheesecake with a lot of protein and… surprise.. a lot if fibres. And most importantly, the taste is delicious. But for real. You can have this cake for lunch, breakfast, snack, before workout, after workout, while watching television, after watching television, before going to the toilet ETC. It is the best invention since… Coke zero!

And.. it is cheap and easy to make. Unless your name is Nicky and this happens:

IMG_6650 IMG_6654

Yeah.. doesn’t look like a cake.. does it? Nope.. and the taste was, well let’s say ‘odd’. So what happened? Well.. the original recipe makes you cook frozen blueberries and add the gelatine to that substance, mix it together and then add that substance to they quark with whey. Simple as that. But we decided to skip the blueberries and add David Rio Chai. Brilliant plan I must say. Poor execution, must also say that. So, instead of cooking blueberries, we (or… I.. it was the genius in this story) just cooked the gelatine and added it to the quark whey substance. But.. what happens if you add it to a bowl of cold quark? It thickens again immediately. So we had quark with lumps of gelatine. Little did we know by then, we just mixed it all together and put it in the refrigerator. Full of excitement we waited a couple of hours for the substance to become stiff. Which, obviously.. didn’t happen. Even after several hours, the cake still was weak as f*ck. My friend removed the spring cake tin and you see the result above.. #epicfailpart2…

I was hopeful at first, because well.. it looks like shit but that doesn’t mean it also tastes like shit. And the taste was okay, but the lumps of gelatine just made me want to puke. But for real, it was..  not good. Better luck next time Gadget. In the mean time, just be a happy foolish egg on the beach with a car in your hands…. Apparently, that me. Don’t worry, you will get used to it. At least I did..



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